As a Creative Agency for Change, Saltwater People work with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous creatives, strategists and specialists from across Australia. We bring a personal commitment to ensure First Nations people are included in all aspects of creation and production.

amplifying voices through
Indigenous storytelling

Custom artwork

  • Custom artwork
  • Custom illustrations
  • Artist collaboration
  • Licensing & Royalties


  • Website development
  • UX Design
  • Social media retainers
  • Digital storytelling
  • Animation

Graphic design

  • Logo development
  • Brand Identity
  • Annual Reports
  • Custom merchandise
  • Exhibition design


  • User engagement and testing
  • Remote engagement
  • Participatory design
  • Communication strategy

Print studio

  • Publications
  • Ltd Ed archival prints
  • Eco printing
  • Print distribution
  • Merchandise & uniforms

Photography & video

  • Video production
  • Remote photography
  • Image licensing