Our national team are committed to providing opportunities for emerging Indigenous professionals and are committed to increasing economic pathways for First Nations creatives living in some of the remotest parts of Australia. We achieve these goals through our generous network of good people, built through decades of living and working with remote Indigenous communities across Australia.



  • Saltwater People are certified with Supply Nation as an Indigenous-led agency. We are a member of the Indigenous Art Code and adhere to Australia Council Protocols for Working with Indigenous Artists to ensure best practice engagement.
  • We also adhere to (and are professionally trained in) Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property, as guided by Terri Janke and Company. Saltwater People are an anti-racist organistion.


  • Saltwater people are a certified Social Enterprise, ensuring our profits are returned to our mission and values. We also provide regular pro bono and lo-bono services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NFP’s individuals and businesses.


  • Saltwater People adhere to Fair Work Australia’s guidelines for employee best practice. We also refer to the Awards outlined in Media and Entertainment and Artists Alliance and the National Association for the Visual Arts.
  • Saltwater People have Public Liability Insurance ($10 million), Workers’ Compensation insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance ($2 million) per claim.
  • We use a suite of tools to operate remotely and secularly, aligned with professional management procedures.


  • Saltwater People acknowledge the gender pay gap and systemic inequality for women seeking meaningful professional opportunities.
  • Saltwater People continues to be purposefully designed to support those with caring responsibilities and encourages fully flexible arrangements and any arrangement that lets people take care of their families, communities and personal wellbeing.
  • We know this increases the quality of our work and helps us retain good folk.


  • Saltwater People engage an emerging Indigenous creative on all significant projects to ensure personal and professional development.
  • The Indigenous creative sector is just getting started and we deliver economic opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island creatives who live in the remotest parts of the country. We see each project as a legacy to strengthen the Indigenous Creative Industry. We encourage our creatives to seek as many opportunities as possible and support artists.
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